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15 Signs You Were In A College Marching Band

Being in a college marching band is a life changing experience for most college students. While in band we make life long friends, do silly things and perform for huge crowds. After band we just can't seem to let go. Here are 15 signs that you were in a college marching band.

1) You hum your instrument's part every time you hear the National Anthem being played at any sporting event

2) You immediately correct strangers when they call a baritone a small tuba.

Blue Line Media Image3) You still get chills 20 minutes before kickoff no matter where you are because you know the band is coming out of the tunnel for pregame

4) The thought of touching your instrument frightens you as you prepare for homecoming band

5) You still revel in the thought of drinking a beer on Friday night knowing you don't have to be awake the next day at 6am for game day rehearsal

6) Your work out clothes are all free t-shirts you got while marching in college

7) You trained everyone in your household not to speak while watching halftime of the major bowl games

Blue Line Media Image8) This is your dog and his name is Major

9) You yell at your TV when the band is shown in-between plays, "AHH band, YAY!" then when they go back to football, "Damn you ESPN, show the band again!"

10) You'd swipe right on tinder if you found someone wearing their college band uniform in a profile pic...HOT!

11) All of your sports rivalries are based on how good or bad the other team's band is, their uniform and their fight song

12) You care more about facebook updates from your favorite band director than your parents

13) You're the first one in the tailgate lot not to party, but to park the car and run over to watch the band rehearse

Blue Line Media Image14) Acceptable Halloween costumes in your house are Band Member or Featured Twirler

15) You are the most die hard fan of your university anyone has ever seen and you're content knowing that no one will really ever understand the full extent of your passion (and that's 100% okay).

College band alumni are a special group of people and it's amazing how we can all relate in so many unique ways to one activity. We really are one big family! Share with your band friends and see how many they can relate to.